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We specialize in web designing, hosting, and promoting, with a particular emphasis on search engine strategies.

Did you know 96% of websites never make a profit?  Why could it be that such a large percentage of websites fail, and only 4% make money?

The answer is simple - pretty much anyone can make "a website".  Nowadays only the most basic knowledge is required, and you can have your site visible in a matter of minutes.

What is not quite as simple, however, is attracting visitors.  Yes, anyone can make a site, but only a tiny percentage of web professionals know how to make a site which is "search engine friendly".

Some of our sites have over 1,000 pages listed in Google, thousands of high ranking pages in the Top15 search engines, including over 500 listings in the Top5 results and 200 in Position 1, all for their chosen target search terms.

A robust search engine strategy pays long term dividends because virtually all search engine traffic does not cost the website owner a penny!

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